Solar Panel (March 11 - 24, 2010)

Selected piece for CAA's annual Chair Show
Title: Solar Panel Team: Ye Liu & Hsin-Chun Wang
Location: At the lawn outside both Eliel Saarinen's Cranbrook Art Museum and Rafael Moneo's new building

By flipping up the turf, we create a cosy platform for people to step on, seat on and
lie down. The tilting surface does not only direct the ground towards sunlight, but also shifts the natural material, lawn, to a furniture, sculpture and landscape.

Floor Area/footprint: 16'*7'
2"*4", 2"*8", 4"*4" framing lumbers, 4'*8'plywood sheets, turf spots, soil, plastic garden fence, steel joist hangers, 2"*4'*8' pink foams
Cost: approx $450.00
Construction Phase: March 11 - 24, 2010

Special thanks to: Andrew Manahan, Isaac Chen

(to be continued)


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States